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RESOURCES: Super 8mm film links

There's just something about the look of actual film that I love!
I have attempted to emulate the feel of Super 8 with digital plug-ins, but nothing really comes close, has the authenticity, of actually shooting on film. And then projecting it, with the chatter of the projector in the room, and soundtracks that have a different synchronicity with the image with the ever-so-slightly different speed of each projection, just adds adds to the whole experince IMHO.
Following are some links to interesting things I have collected over the years.

Holly and Bryce in Super 8mm


DOP, Editor
This is a film I shot and edited of my friends Holly and Bryce's wedding on Toronto Island. Digital is great, but there is nothing quite like shooting on film, especially Tri-X pushed a couple of stops!
Niagara Customlab is a full service motion picture film processing facility, providing 8mm, super 8, 16mm and 35mm film processing located in downtown Toronto.
 8mm and16mm film scanning, advanced color correction, located in Toronto.
Pro8mm is a one-stop shop where a hybrid of quality Super 8 and 16mm products and services can be found including cameras, film, processing, and SD/HD scanning.
Based in L.A.
8mm, Super-8 and 16mm Movie Films, Movie Projectors and Supplies, Movie Memorabilia, Posters, Figurines and Other Film Collectibles. Everything needed for film collecting and the movie or film collector and hobbyist!
Still and movie film processing specializing in old and damaged film.
Super 8 Arena specialize in quality used Super 8mm film equipment.
Good 8mm info.
Good 8mm info.
German site with interesting gear.
S8, Super 8, Super8, 16mm, 35mm, Normal8,  Arri, Beaulieu, Nizo, Bauer, Agfa, Bolex, Elmo, Eumig, Zeiss, Movilux, Canon, Isco, Isco-Anamorphic, Cinemascope, Reels, Arriflex
Retro Thing has a cool collection of retro gadgets, vintage technology and classic mechanical devices.

Extensive super 8 mm directory with technical datas on projectors, cameras, editors, viewers, splicers, film.

Super-8 and 8mm filmstock. Kodak Vision, pro8mm, Ektachrome, Fuji Velvia 50d, etc.


8mm equipment and supplies.
World's largest small gauge cine film forum
German site with interesting gear.
Filmtechnik fŸr alle Filmformate bei Wittner Cinetec alias Wittner Kinotechnik. Super 8, Doppel 8, Normal 8, 9,5mm, 16mm, 35mm. Gro§er Online-Katalog und tagesaktuelle Gebrauchtangebote. Kameras, Projektoren, Filmmaterial, Zubehšr.
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